Research-Based Curriculum

Each program uses a blend of proven and trusted curricula, promising a structured and well-founded education.

Substantial Security Measures

Professionally installed live-streaming cameras & passcode-restricted access points provide extra safety & peace of mind.

STEAM Enrichments

Each academic program incorporates daily STEAM activities, which develop critical thinking & creativity for well-rounded learning.

Smaller Class Sizes

Class sizes are below the state-required minimum, ensuring each child receives attentive & personalized care.

Rigorous Cleaning Regimen

All play spaces stay germ- & virus-free thanks to a dedicated team, professional equipment, & non-toxic products.

Highly Awarded

Awarded 4 times for excellence in care, we promise your child exceptional quality care & early education.

How Old Is Your Child?


6 wks - 12 mths


1 - 2 Years


2 - 3 Years


3 - 5 Years

Before &
After School

6 - 12 Years

Summer Camp

3 - 12 Years