We are a local childcare company that has been in the community for over 16 years.  We have six different locations serving all of Utah County and Draper. We serve over 628 children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old.  During the summer all children ages 3 years and older attend a summer camp program at our facility. We take children to the movie theater, go on an excursion in the community like museums, arts and theater, etc.  For children that are in first grade and older, we take them skating at the roller rink, swimming pool, and more weekly.  

We team up with businesses throughout our community that would like to sponsor our summer camp program.  In return for your generosity, we would like to offer you the opportunity to place your logo on the back of our summer camp t-shirts and place any advertisement items into our summer camp bags that we give to the families.   

As owners, we are very active in the community in trying to provide a high-quality childcare service for families.  We serve on many state childcare boards and are always looking for ways to collaborate with our community. I serve as the chair for the Child Care Licensing Board for the State of Utah.  Our vision is to create a safe, and high-quality learning environment for all that come through our facility.  

If you need additional information to become a sponsor, reach out to us info@atozbuildingblocks.com or jody@atozbuildingblocks.com.   We give thanks for your generosity of being a part of your budget during today’s economy.  We hope that you will consider us a great opportunity to provide a charitable contribution for the welfare of children in our community. 

Here Are The Benefits:

Gold Level: $250 Donation

  1. Logo on Shirts for Summer Camp
  2. Your provided swag goes into the summer camp bag

Platinum Level: $500 Donation

  1. Logo on Shirts for Summer Camp
  2. Your provided swag goes into the summer camp bag
  3. Business logo in each monthly newsletter for 1 year
  4. Facebook shout outs
  5. Logo with link to your website displayed on A to Z Building Blocks website


We will need the following items: 

  1. Logo for the summer camp shirt (black and white)
  2. Logo for our monthly newsletter and website
  3. Any swag that you would like to add to our summer bags
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