Top-Quality, Loving Care Becomes A Second Family

Welcome To A Center That Focuses On Community, Excellence, & Growth

Top-Quality, Loving Care Becomes A Second Family

Welcome To A Center That Focuses On Community, Excellence, & Growth

Preschool & Child Care Center Serving American Fork, Orem, Eagle Mountain, Draper & Spanish Fork, UT

A Vision Of Excellence In Care & Learning

Your child feels valued in a safe place where they have daily opportunities to learn, grow, and explore the world around them through imagination. In a clean and loving atmosphere filled with child-directed play, these experiences instill self-esteem, confidence, and independence.

A Vision Of Excellence In Care And Learning
A Mission That Supports Growth Through Play

A Mission That Supports Growth Through Play

The best learning happens when children feel safe and loved. The center’s mission is to ensure every child feels valued and can spend long days exploring, imagining, engaging, and growing through child-led learning in a clean, comfortable environment.

Core Values Signal Commitment To Exceptional Care!

Be a part of a center that holds itself to the highest standards of:


We rise to the challenge of continually improving ourselves to provide high-quality care.


We expand opportunities for a better tomorrow with our A to Z family through learning, exploring, and having fun.


We strive to provide physical and emotional security for children, families, and our team.


We combine our strengths and skills as a shared commitment to exceed expectations.


We build relationships amongst children, families, and our team based on honesty, trust, and confidence.

Trusted, Experienced Care Since 2005

Your family becomes part of the center’s family, offering trusted, top-notch care in your community. With over a decade of experience providing the highest quality of learning and support, you know your child is in the best hands.

Trusted, Experienced Care Since 2005

Owners Dedicated To Your Child’s Success

Owners Dedicated To Your Child’s Success

Owners Jody and Brian opened their first center in 2005 (after being in-home providers) to bring unmatched quality in early education and loving child care to their community. They’ve grown along with their centers and now have six bustling locations under their exceptional ownership. As parents, Brian and Jody know the importance of ensuring every child feels welcomed, loved, and valued. They are committed to your child’s social, emotional, and academic success.

Jody and Brian participate in many organizations that govern Utah’s child care quality. Jody chairs the Childcare Licensing Committee, sits on the boards of the Office of Childcare Advisory, the Utah Private Child Care Association, and the Professional Development Committee, and teaches local and regional classes. Jody’s efforts earned her the 2019 Leader of the Year from the Utah chapter of the National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Brian is the executive director of the UPCCA and is a member of state committees dedicated to the quality and advancement of child care policies. Together with their teachers and staff, Brian and Jody are fully committed to providing the absolute best in family-oriented, academically stimulating, supportive child care for you and yours.

Award-Winning Care In A Homelike Atmosphere

With Utah state High-Quality Ratings for care, Top Star rankings, a Healthier CACFP High-Quality Award for the food program, and a certified Eco-Healthy Environment, feel confident knowing that your little one receives only the best.

Award-Winning Care In A Homelike Atmosphere
Parent Partnerships Create A Trusting Relationship

Parent Partnerships Create Trusting Relationships

Parents engage with their child’s class as chaperones and guest speakers and participate in the learning experience with five family days each year. Workshops, screenings, and participation make you members of a family that knows and supports each other.

Multiple Curricula For Healthy Academic & Emotional Growth

Teachers use Creative Curriculum®, Connect4Learning®, Heggerty for Phonemic Awareness®, and Second Step® to guide your child through every stage of academic and social-emotional development. These trusted, proven curricula let your child explore and learn through free play, planned activities and lessons, and self-regulation techniques.
Multiple Curricula For Academic And Emotional Growth
Support For Imagination Extends To Community

Support For Imagination Extends To Community

The center sponsors the local art theater, Scera Shell, because the owners know that imaginative play doesn’t have to end with childhood. You know that your child is in an environment that supports and fosters creativity, the arts, and the community.

The Best Care And Learning

That Feels Like Home


Two-year-old classes are a 1:6 ratio, preschool classes at a 1:12 ratio, and school-age children at a 1:15 ratio. These are all below the state ratios of 1:7, 1:15, and 1:20, respectively.
Our teachers hold or are working on CDAs, Associate’s degrees, or Bachelor’s degrees in Early Childhood Education. Teachers and staff are certified in CPR and First Aid, and many have Continuing Education and Food Handler certificates.
The average tenure of our teachers is 5+ years. Your child grows with familiar faces to support them every step of the way.
The average tenure of our directors is 10+ years. Rest assured of the consistency of care and administration of policies and procedures.

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