Waiting List Agreement 2021-2022

Services Available While You Wait For a Secured Slot

Hop In Services: Hop in services are available when we have availability.  When you need care, you can call the morning of, and we will let you know if we have availability for your child(ren).

• Monthly Newsletters: You will be receiving monthly newsletters to keep you updated on our current news.

• Family Events: We encourage your participation in any of our family events while waiting for your secured slot.

• Private Family Facebook Page: Click here to join our Facebook Page to get updates on fun activities and events for each of our centers.

• Family Login Page: Sign up for our Family Login Page by reading the directions here.

• Monthly Emails and Text Message: You will receive a monthly email and text just so you know that we have not forgotten you.

Hourly and Daily Rates

Age Group Hourly up to 4 hours (rate per hour) Daily 5-10 hours (rate per day) 
Infants and Toddlers   $9.50 $80.00
Twos (any older child non-potty trained)   $9.00 $75.00
Preschool-School Age $7.80

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By signing below, I agree to all terms of this contract and acknowledge that I have received or have access to, through the center's website, a copy of all policies and procedures. This contract is subject to renewal. The provider may amend the policies by giving the parent/guardian a new copy of the policies at least two weeks before they go into effect.

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