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Transition to Kindergarten


We want children to feel confident when they transition from Preschool to Kindergarten.  We take the following steps to help our children make a smooth transition from Preschool to Kindergarten:

Kindergarten Readiness

We provide a kindergarten readiness program which includes getting them ready socially, helping them to learn appropriate behaviors, and academics such as learning their letters, numbers, mom and dad’s name, and phone numbers to name a few.  We also conduct assessments to determine what appropriate steps we need to take to get each individual ready to attend kindergarten.

Lessons and Field Trips

The first week of the school year, public schools, kindergartners do not attend and so we take this week to discuss some of the things that the children will be doing in kindergarten and then take a field trip to a kindergarten classroom so that the children get a feel for what a kindergarten class will be like.

We end the week by taking a field trip in the bus to all of the public schools that the children will be attending and show them where the drop off and pick up locations are.

Parent Involvement

We encourage parents to join us in this transition by coming to our facility and attending some of our lessons, going on our field trips and discussing kindergarten in a positive way for children to see.  Studies show that collaboration between preschool, home and school environments help to make the transition easier for children.