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Child Care for Preschoolers


Preschool children need opportunities to be themselves. They are learning how the world works through experimenting. A to Z Building Blocks believes that children of this age need hands on experiences. They learn through their natural play and do not need to be sitting at a table to learn how the world works.

We offer a preschool program that is hands on.

We start our preschool experience with learning centers which include dramatic play, sensory, science and math, blocks, a writing center, computer time and a cozy corner. Children are encouraged to explore each of these centers. Children are pulled aside one at a time during learning centers to work on phonics. Teachers work with the individual child on letters, sounds, and reading. Children learn in so many different ways. Teachers work on an individual bases with many different activities to help the children learn these concepts.

After learning centers, children move into creative art.

Creative art is based on what the child wants not what the teacher wants to art to look like. Children are given materials to create art such as paints, glue, collage items, scissors, etc. A to Z Building Blocks does not believe in giving a child a replica of what the teacher has created and having the child construct their masterpiece to look like the teachers work. Music time is a way to let children gain a love for music through hands on music experiences. Children are encouraged to use musical instruments, ribbons, scarves, and their bodies to enjoy music. We have many songs that we freely dance and sing to We have songs that we sit down and do hand motions to.

Preschool is finished off with Group time.

Group time is a time for children to learn real life experiences through hands on experiences. We base our group times on the Project Approach. The definition of a project approach is an in-depth investigation of a real world topic worthy of children’s attention and effort. The purpose of using the project approach is to teach children about the real world through investigating, and documenting. We use clipboards, surveys, charts, graphs and field site experiences.