Child Transportation Form

This form must read and completed for each child being transported.

We transport a lot of children to and from school, which means a lot of organizing and preparation, so please read carefully.

What happens if my child will not need transportation to or from school for the day?

We have agreed to transport your child each day unless you call us ahead of time. This includes days that you take your child to school or when they are absent. You will need to call the morning of or within 30 minutes before school gets out and let us know or we will charge your account $25 each time per child. NO EXCEPTIONS! We have many schools to pick up from and it delays the pick-up time for the following schools. It is not safe or fair to the other children waiting to be picked up.

What if my child is not at the bus after five minutes?

  1. We will call the school first to see if the child is in the school.
  2. If the child is not in the school, then we will call the parent to see where the child is.
  3. If the parent does not answer we will call the authorized contacts on the admission form.
  4. If no one answers we will proceed to the next school and wait for a parent to call us back, with the understanding that the parent has made other arrangements.
  5. We will charge your account $25 each time per child. NO EXCEPTIONS!

We take bus safety serious and want to make sure all children are accounted for. It is very scary when a child is missing, and a parent has not notified the school or A to Z.

What happens if my child is being slow to arrive at the bus or is slow to arrive at the center when they attend a walking school?

We will contact the parents and discuss some options. We have a very tight schedule and need the children to meet at the meeting spot immediately after school, which means if they leave something in their classroom they cannot go back and get it.

What happens if my child is having a hard time behaving on the bus?

We will contact parents and discuss some options for the child.

What behaviors will not be tolerated on the bus?

We will give your child 3 chances on the following behaviors. You will need to find alternate transportation for your child if they receive three strikes.

  1. Removing their seatbelt & standing up when the bus is moving
  2. Not respecting other children, the driver, or property by touching, hitting, antagonizing, throwing, or breaking items
  3. Using profanity
  4. Not walking to the center promptly after school (Walking schools only)

What should I do if my child’s bus schedule needs to be changed?

  1. Write it on the special instructions clipboard located by the time clock computer.
  2. If it is a school schedule change such as unscheduled early out day or a field trip, then we request a full week notice so we can plan accordingly.
  3. If the schedule change is for the next day, you will need to talk to the director or office to make sure we can accommodate the schedule before dropping your child off for the day.
  4. Your account will be charged $25 for unscheduled accommodations due to employee schedule changes that could result in overtime hours for us to accommodate a changed employee schedule.

What happens if I choose not to take my child to school and drop them off at the center before school is out?

We schedule staff according to school schedules. We do not have staff at the facility or the space available in other classrooms to accommodate children being dropped off outside their normal school times. If you call ahead of time and the director or office approves it, then your account will be charged an additional $7 per hour.

What help is A to Z requesting from parents?

Remind your child of the rules and remind them to remove all items off the bus each day. It gets very challenging when parents come to pick up in the evening and children request to look in the bus for items that they leave on the bus.

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